The main idea is to create an association of Greek doctors and dentists living and working in the United Kingdom (UK) who
are part of the diaspora of the spiritual wealth of our country.

The idea is part of the Greek State's effort to bring together the Greeks of the Diaspora around the world.

Objectives: 1. The registration of all Greek Doctors and Dentists in the UK, the hospitals and the places where they work and the specialties that they

2. The communication and connection between us.

3. The exchange of valid information for hospitals and other professional premises.

4. The active participation and presence of our association in the Greek Diaspora community in the UK.

5. The creation of a group in order to promote and support education and research activities, eg with scholarship programs / scholarship funds.

6. The support and guidance of young intern doctors and dentists.

7. The creation of a line of scientific support that will mainly concern young Greek doctors and dentists who are trying to pursue a career in the NHS or a university / academic career.

8. As an institution to be an entity promoting our scientific views in Greece.

9. The communication and cooperation with the Medical Schools of Greek Universities to be intensified and to be strengthened and expanded in the fields of
research and teaching.

10. The communication and cooperation with other respective medical and dental associations of Greeks of the Diaspora around the world.

11. As an institution to communicate with the Greek state and our Embassy on issues that concern our industry and may arise mainly in relation to Brexit.

12. Cooperation with the Greek state will help the repatriation for those of us who want it or will want it in the future. Our collective and not individual effort can create favorable conditions for our return and working terms in Greece.

13. The organization of educational as well as entertaining events and our participation as an entity in other events and activities of the Greeks of the Diaspora.